Wholesale Olive Oil

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Types of olive oil available for wholesale

We have available suppliers for the following types of olive oil:

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Virgin Olive Oil
– Pomace Oil

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Product packaging

The wholesale extra virgin olive oil and the other qualities are available in tin or glass packages in various sizes (o.25l – 5lt or more) or in bulk.


These are some of the certificates many of the Greek suppliers have:

EN ISO 22000 : 2005 certified for bottling and trading by


Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by


Organic olive oil certified by


Product Origin

The olive oil supplied from Greek wholesalers or producers comes from Olive Oil producing regions, such as Lakonia, Kalamata, Crete among others. Our suppliers can provide geographically protected olive oil.

Olive Oil benefits

Numerous scientific research papers prove the benefits of olive oil for health. Greece has been producing olive oil for thousands of years. Greek Olive Oil is the best Olive Oil one can find to boost health of the body and the mind.

The story begins in Greek mythology when Goddess Athina gave the olive tree to Greeks. The Olive tree is a holy symbol and symbolizes peace, health, victory and life. It is considered one of the best in the world in terms of quality. Every drop brings inspiration and creativity. Health benefits include the fight against: Cancer, heart disease, oxidative stress, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity.
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Cold extraction

You can find producers that provide olive oil available for wholesale that is cold extracted. At the olive oil press the olives are cleaned and extracted at temperatures lower than 26°C with Cold Extraction methods to ensure the best quality. After cold extraction and filtering procedures, the result is an excellent product of highest quality with low acidity,  mild fruity taste and golden green color.

cold extracted olive oil

Storage and filtering

Many suppliers follow strict rules for storage and filtering.

olive oil storage and filtering

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