Fat in Greek Olive Oil

The main type of fat that is contained in the olive oil is not saturated. The unsaturated fat is considered to be a healthy dietary fat.
There are many health benefits of olive oil which are extensive and also have new positive attributes. It is recommended that you should take two table spoons of added virgin oil every day which has been found to be efficient in the fighting of diseases. In addition, consumption of olive oil can assist you to be healthy. The following are the types of diseases that virgin olive oil assists in fighting.

Heart diseases: olive oil assists in lowering of blood cholesterol that can lead to diseases of the heart, for example heart attack.
Cancer: olive oil has phytonutrient that reduces inflammation, hence the decreasing the occurrence and the risk of breast cancer.
Stress oxidation: virgin olive oil has antioxidants, particularly vitamin E. This minimizes the risk of cancer. In addition, olive oil contain mono unsaturated fats, which do not oxidize in the body.
Obesity: the level of obesity is reduced by olive oil though it has high calories.

Functioning of the liver

Olive oil aids in the smooth functioning of the liver.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Though the reasons are not very clear, research which was done recently have revealed that people who normally consume olive oil may not be attacked by rheumatoid diseases.


Research has revealed that food rich in carbohydrates, soluble fiber fruit, pulses, vegetables, and olive oil have been successful in curing diabetes. This nutrient assists in lowering of lipoproteins and also improves insulin sensitivity and lowering of blood sugar levels.

Prevention of stroke

Research was done in France, which showed that old people consume olive oil daily. This protects them from stroke. This research gathered information from 7,625 people whose age was more than 65 years. From three cites in France.
Of those people whose age was 65 years and above, they were categorized into three groups basing on the consumption of olive oil. At the end of the fifth year, there was an occurrence of 148 strokes. Those who use olive oil intensively were few.

Consumption of olive oil keeps the hearth young

The aging of the heart may be slowed down by the consumption of olive oil. It is known that as an individual grow older; the heart also starts the process of aging. The arteries may not function effectively. This may lead to heart diseases. However, when one takes olive oil regularly, the arterial functions of old people can become effective.

Olive oil fights osteoporosis

If olive oil is consumed at a high rate, it improves bone calcification and mineralization. It also assists in absorption of calcium therefore it plays a significant role in prevention of the beginning of Osteoporosis and aiding sufferers.
This disease is particularly common in women. It results from a decrease in estrogen thus weakening the bone structures. These are: ribs, hips, and wrist.


As mentioned above, olive oil has proved to be beneficial. It is used for curing many diseases. In addition, it also assists in prevention of the disease.

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